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The Kettlebell Queen Teaches The Kettlebell Clean

Lauren Brooks Explains How To Do The Kettlebell Clean.

The kettlebell clean is a basic kettlebell exercise that should be a part of our Burn and Firm workouts. Mastering this exercise will allow you to do other kettlebell exercises such as the clean, push and press or the overhead press. The key to this move is to use the hips and legs to help drive the weight up. The Kettlebell Clean is a great ballistic kettlebell exercise that utilizes the entire body. And keep in mind any exercise that uses the entire body is great for lean muscle, fat burning and cardio conditioning.  Like many kettlebell exercises, the Kettlebell Clean has several variations that increase the difficulty level.

For today we are going to learn the basic One Arm Kettlebell Clean.

Similar To The Swing The Start Position For The Clean:

Feet shoulder width apart

Toes pointing out 30 degrees.

How To Begin The Kettlebell Clean

Start with a little swing to get some momentum going. You are using a one-handed grip on a single bell for this movement. However, as you begin the swing upward, you are going to shrug your shoulder and “pull” with your body/back the bell up to you. (The movement itself is difficult to describe.)

Kettlebell Clean The End Position

The end position is you holding the bell in the “rack” position–the bell resting on your forearm, your forearm tucked close to your body, and your fist near your midline.

Getting it there is the trick. You want the bell to remain close to your body on the swing up. Instead of thinking “clean it to the shoulder” (which is what you are trying to do), think about this mental cue throughout the movement to keep it tight and close to you: “clean it to your stomach.”
Key Points:

  • Starting position and initial movement is the same as the swing
  • As you initiate a forceful hip drive, let your shoulder shrug and guide the kettlebell up to you
  • Keep the bell close to your body. On the bell’s way up to you, your elbow should be tight and close to your body–this helps control the bell
  • Rack quickly and bend your knees to absorb the shock until you get used to the movement
  • At the rack position, your hand should be near your midline and below your chin, with your arm tight against your body, and the belly resting on your forearm and part of your upper arm.

Thanks Lauren for another lean muscle fat burning exercise to add to our Burn And Firm workout arsenal.

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