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Stress effects on health

Stress effects on health

Medical science has discovered that when a person feels stressed to face the problems of life, due to this negative emotion will stimulate the release of certain hormones, which stimulate the nervous system such that the various organs in the body gets heavy pressure. When the organs of the body depressed for a long time, then gradually organ will become weak and are more likely to suffer from disease, whether due to an attack from outside or from within the body. That determines which organs will be affected this pressure is a factor of one's offspring, constitution, environment, and lifestyle.

Negative effects of stress on health, among others:

  • Stress or tension can secrete adrenaline, making the heart beat more strongly and quickly. As a result, this stress can cause a person to suffer from heart palpitations.
  • When the stress hormone that causes blood vessels to shrink, then it is likely to get high blood pressure was great followed by cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular. Due to shrinking blood vessels, peripheral blood circulation in the body is reduced and the patient complained of hands and feet are always cold.
  • Stress can cause a person to breathe shallow and fast with limited respiratory tract that cause hyperventilation.
  • Stress can lead to decreased blood supply to the digestive tract, so that the digestive process will be disrupted.
  • Stress can be the blood clot more quickly which generally protects our bodies when such bleeding due to injury something, but if this situation occurs protracted, it will cause a negative impact.
  • Stress cause excessive sweating, so that the body becomes moist, an unpleasant atmosphere.
  • Stress causes elevated blood sugar levels, a source of energy in which energy can be obtained quickly, but the existing individual predisposition to diabetes, it is a state of prolonged stress will accelerate the onset or recurrence of the disease diabetes.
  • Stress can alter the function of the digestive tract of food and urine, causing the desire to constantly urinate and defecate known as irritable bowel syndrome.
  • A stress patients can visit doctors with various complaints such as anxiety, depression, feelings of excessive fear, and thought disorder, including memory impairment and sleep disorders.
stressJohn Marks in his article "Time Out" in U.S. News & World Report says "Somewhere between 75-90% of all doctor visits stem from stress." It has been confirmed Mrs writing. White in Testimonies, Volume V p. 444, "The disease of mind are everywhere. 90% of the diseases suffered by humans comes from the mind. "

The researchers in their study of English stress hormones before and two days after undergoing a surgical procedure, obtain, that if patients follow a formal relaxation exercises instead elevated stress hormones. It weakens their immune system, whereas, for those who pray, not obtained elevation of stress hormones, so that their immune system does not deteriorate.

Believe that everything that happens to us God has set for our sake, so we do not have to stress in the face of life's challenges.

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