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How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

How to get rid of cold sores fast? This article you will show you how to get rid of cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes using medically sound and well proven home remedies.

Learning how to get rid of cold sores will give you great relief when you need it most. Yes, you have probably seen some wild claims by a few companies. They try to convince you their magic ointment is how to get rid of cold sores.

You give it a try and, again, you find it does not work.

To really understand how to get rid of cold sores, your first step is to know what causes them. Once you do this, then you will see how these proven methods work. You will get much better results this way.

An oral herpes event - often called a cold sore or fever blister - is created by the herpes simplex virus. It comes in two flavors - type 1 and type 2. Either one causes similar sores.

This virus infects nearly 90% of the world population. Not only is it very contagious, but very durable. It lives for a lifetime in the nerve fibers near the original infection area.

For most of your life, the cold sore virus is asleep and not making trouble. In fact, a third of the people infected will never get a cold sore. The other two-thirds will get at least one a year - often more.

When you feel stress, your immunity will fade. This gives the herpes virus the opportunity to become active. From its hiding spot in the nerve roots, the virus will go to the surface, enter cells there, and create new virus.

Once full of new virus copies, the cells burst open and release them. All these close cells bursting open creates the oral herpes cold sore you see and feel.

Now your body has the chore of building new skin and cells to replace the destroyed ones.

How quickly you heal will depend on your health and energy level. Availability of the necessary building materials also determines speed of healing. Primarily we are talking about vitamins, minerals and certain proteins.

Our main purpose right now is to explain how to get rid of cold sores that you have currently active. However, you will also see how to prevent future oral herpes cold sore events.


The first warnings of a cold sore is a burning, tingling sensation. If you treat it early, you can delay (or sometimes prevent) the cold sore from appearing. This saves having to endure the repair process.

Now you should act quickly and apply ice - or anything cold. It is like giving the virus a cold shower. It discourages the virus from replicating. This trick will definitely slow down, if not stop, oral herpes cold sore outbreaks.


It is no secret that your body knows how to get rid of cold sores. One way your body does this is by creating a thick fluid to wash away as much of the new oral herpes virus as possible.

This is where you can really help.

Do this by washing the sore as often as possible. Use alcohol or peroxide soaked tissues or cotton balls. You will help your body get rid of millions of virus particles. At the same time, you will prevent secondary bacterial infection.


Here is a little known tactic. Once the sore has burst open, no longer use ice if possible. It will slow healing. Instead, start applying heat. This will cause more healing blood to rush to the area.

Warm, black tea bags are wonderful for this treatment. They are cheap and convenient. Tea also provides micro-nutrients that aid in cell protection and repair. Discard each tea bag after use.

Boil the tea bags, do not microwave them. Microwave radiation is very damaging to the healing micro-nutrients in the tea (and in any food). The longer you apply heat the better. 10 to 20 minute sessions are recommended.

These methods have proven very effective for those seeking to learn how to get rid of cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes. But you may need or want to learn even more tips, tricks and tactics.

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