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How To Do The Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell swing is called by some the best fat loss exercise there is. I love doing the swing myself and as far as it being “the best” exercise for fat burning? I don’t know that there is one best exercise you can do but I will absolutely put the kettlebell swing in my top 4 of fat burning exercises. The Swing is the foundation of all kettlebell exercises.

Here is a little side note about kettlebell exercises: ” Kettlebell workouts burn 20.2 calories per minute, that’s double spinning (9.8 calories per minute) and that’s double traditional boot camp workouts (9.9 calories per minute). So if you are on the fence about kettlebells you may want to rethink signing up for that spinning class again”.

Benefits Of The Kettlebell Swing

1) Swings develop the important posterior chain muscles of the body such as the hamstrings, glutes, core and back

2) Swings work the abs and strengthen the core muscles

3) Swings are great for cardio conditioning and fat loss. More and more studies are concluding that greater  fat burning happens when your workouts are done at higher intensity levels rather than long slow endurance type training.

4) Kettlebell swings train the back from the lower back all the way to traps. They train all the muscles together giving you a great functional workout.

That list is not all inclusive but you get the idea. Learn the Kettlebell swing! And it just so happens we have one of the leading kettlebell experts to show us how. The Kettlebell Queen aka Lauren Brooks has a video to show you how to do the swing properly

So there we have one of the best fat burning exercises you can do. Seriously get yourself a kettlebell learn the proper technique for using them (and I think you can see it’s not at all complicated) and in a couple of weeks of use you will be thanking me. Too much Muscle? Yea I Don't Think So For those of you who still think (and there are plenty of you out there) that using kettlebells or weight training you will build overly large muscles take a look at our 2 experts Shawna and Lauren, do you really need anymore proof about that old wives tale? Just my opinion but they look pretty good to me. Except for all those Hulking Muscles of course.

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