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Shape And Firm Your Lower Body; Squats

How To Do Squats – Thighs and buttocks are problem areas for women. Squat exercises for women are the best exercises to shape up these problem areas. A well toned body, increased fitness, energy and better health all begins with added lean muscle gains. Adding lean muscle increases the basic metabolism rate of the body. This causes you to burn a higher percentage of calories throughout the day and into the night. Meaning that even as you sleep, your muscles are helping to keep you trim and slim. The lower body has massive amounts of metabolism increasing potential. The best and most efficient way to tap into this is by doing heavy legwork. Not machine leg curls or leg presses but with squats. Bar on the back, sweat producing, breath taking and heart pounding squats.
Naming the squat the king of all exercises is not without foundation; just look at a few of the benefits of this powerful fat burning exercise.

Benefits Of Squats
* Lean muscle mass is increased
* Basic metabolism is faster
* Your general physical fitness and work capacity are positively improved
* Mental and physical energy levels are amplified
* You will sleep better
* Body fat will be lowered
* Endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers are released into your body
* The heavy load on your shoulders, back and legs helps to make your bones stronger by increasing their mineral density
* The connective tissues of your body adapt to the load and in turn become stronger and better able to tolerate the additional stress of the weight
The main muscles targeted by the squat:
* quadriceps,
* calves,
* hamstrings,
* glutes,
* hip flexors, and the
* lower back

If you have ever done a set of heavy squats then you will know that the majority of the weight is handled by the upper thighs or the quadriceps. This is important to know as during the upward motion you need to keep the weight on this part of the leg and not let yourself lean forward or back.

Squats have been blamed for nearly every body ailment in the book due to misinformation and incorrect squatting style. As in all new exercises, if you have not been squatting consistently in the past now is the time to talk to your doctor and get their opinion as to whether or not squatting will benefit you, considering your current health situation. As a lifter, you need to know the correct technique to do any exercise. Some are more tolerant of movement breakdowns than others-the squat is one that is not as forgiving of mistakes in form. Therefore, the following is a mini guide to a successful squat. Each one of the following is a contributor to a successful and correct squat.

At all times during the squat your head should be pulled back, your chest raised and you should have a slight arch in your lower back. You should always be looking straight ahead, and at no time should you be leaning too far forward, or be looking up or down.
Step up to the bar, placing your hands at about the same width as a bench press. Before clearing the bar, make sure it is placed evenly along your traps. The bar should rest on the lower portion of your traps and across your rear delts. It should almost feel as if the bar is going to roll off your back.
Now that you have cleared the bar, take only as many steps back as necessary. Most squat injuries occur when backing up, so make sure that you only back up as far as you need to. Your feet should be placed about shoulder width apart or slightly wider, and they should point out at a 45-degree angle.
Take a big, deep breath, and make your descent. You should not lower yourself straight down, but rather as if you were sitting in a chair behind you. At all times your knee must remain in line with your feet, and they should never bow in. Lower yourself until your thighs are at least parallel to the ground.
As soon as you have reached the bottom position, rise up immediately. Do not relax in the bottom position! Drive up with your heels and straighten your back as quickly as possible. Once you are in the upright position again, take another deep breath, and continue the lift until you have completed the desired number of reps.
Squats as you can see are not just for men. Ladies the squat is a must do exercise for you too. Squats will shape and firm your lower body faster than any other exercise. And beyong the lean muscle gains you can get a great fat burning cardio workout with them.

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