Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Jump Rope Workout

A jump rope workout is a fantastic way to burn a lot of calories, improve your overall conditioning, and use as part of a metabolic resistance training program for some serious fat loss.

Two great things about jumping rope is you can take it anywhere and you don’t need a lot of room to get in a great jump rope workout.

You can also use the jump rope as part of your training program, whether you’re using weights or just using bodyweight exercises in your training.

You’ll get a lot more out of jump rope exercises that’s only 10 minutes long than you will doing 45 minutes on the stationary bike the way most people do.

If trying to jump rope for 10 or even 5 minute straight is daunting for you at this point, a great way to get started is using the Tabata Protocol of performing an exercise for 20 seconds as hard as you can, rest for 10 seconds and then repeat.

You do this 8 times for a total of 4 minutes of working out (less, since one third of that time is resting)!

Once you can do that, try adding a second cycle of the Tabata Protocol. Do 8 sets of 20/10, rest 1 to 2 minutes and then do it again.

Once you can do this, you can start adding more time to your jump rope workout and also start adding different techniques like jumping on one foot for 10 jumps, then switching feet, alternating feet, doing double jumps, etc.

But get the regular old two feet jump rope down first!

You can also combine jumping rope with other bodyweight exercises. Here’s an example:

    30 seconds – Push ups
    30 seconds – Jump Rope
    30 seconds – Lunge
    30 seconds – Jump Rope
    30 seconds – Medicine Ball Chop
    Rest 2 minutes. Perform 3 to 5 sets

Another great way to use the jump rope is to incorporate it into your resistance training sessions, whether you’re using bodyweight exercises or weights, or both.

Instead of resting between all your sets, do some cardio, like jumping rope! You’ll burn a ton more calories. I’ll go into more detail on this technique in a future article.

Oh, and if you think a jump rope workout is boring or easy (who can’t jump rope, right?) then check this out.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I will use these in my workout routine. Fitness jump ropes that match my workout ensemble make me look and feel good too! Highly recommend this tip for the ladies! Enjoy your workout!