Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Lenovo's latest ThinkPad T430u

 ThinkPad T430u
Lenovo announced the ThinkPad T430u Ultrabook that offers two hard disks that can store various files like movies, music, pictures, documents, etc..

The first hard disk size of 500 GB, hard disk both the SSD (solid state drive) is 24 GB.

"It's the only, ultrabook which has two hard disks," says Product Specialist PT. Lenovo Indonesia Antony Widjaja when media conference held in Jakarta on Wednesday (20/2).

Country Lead Small Medium Business PT. Lenovo Indonesia Irene Santosa said the laptop it is intended for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses because they need a laptop that is practical, easy operation and a lightweight carry travel without compromising quality.

"This new laptop is really changed the way people on an ultrabook. ThinkPad T430u represents a new era of computing that are thin and light," says Irene.

Ultrabook is measuring less than 0.8 inches (2.03cm) and weighs less than 4 pounds (1.81Kg).

The size of the keyboard is made bigger and anti-splash of water. Lenovo laptops have been testing it through eight stages including testing against dust, shock, altitude, extreme temperatures both hot and cold.

Ultrabook that has a HD screen and scratch-resistant 14-inch and 720p HD camera with face recognition technology, the audio system using speakers Dolby Home Theater v4, data connectivity includes 2x USB 3.0, HDMI, audio and MiniDisplayPort with 4-in-1 SD card reader.

Ultrabook sold Rp11.900.000 has an Intel Core i5 third generation, opersi system Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit + Windows 8 RDVD, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, battery life up to 7 hours and submarines year warranty.

"We have installed software system for rapid boot 40 percent faster performance," he said.

Uniqueness, the user can replace a laptop hard drive or battery easily because the aluminum on the back can be opened easily. For security, ultrabook it has face recognition feature and a fingerprint scanner.

Senin, 25 Februari 2013

ZTE and NVidia ready to release a super phone Tegra4

ZTE and NVidia ready to release a super phone Tegra4

ZTE Corporation today announced it was with NVidia to prepare for his first super phone that will use the NVidia Tegra processor 4.

Chinese firm without hesitation said it will market the first model of the latest NVidia processor smartphone this summer.

NVidia Tegra 4 processor introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, and two days ago the company has launched the latest version again Tegra 4i.

"This is a clear demonstration of ZTE's ability to make fast, and presents to the market, the market-leader in the industry with the latest technology," said EVP and Head of the Terminal Division of ZTE, He Shiyou, the company's official statement on its website on Thursday.

According to ZTE, the Tegra processor 4 will make ZTE device capable of ultra-fast web browsing, faster application loading, and more realistic gaming experience, as well as more efficient battery consumption.

Tegra 4 also has support voice and data communications faster 4G LTE in many countries thanks to the optional NVidia GeForce chipset and quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU.

ZTE with NVidia is also planning a new LTE phones using LTE i500 chipset to support network that enabled fast.

So far ZTE has been manufacturing and marketing mobile processor NVidia, including ZTE ZTE Grand X and Grand Era that uses Tegra 3. Quad-core Smartphone Era Grand ZTE marketed at a price of around 160 U.S. dollars.

"Smartphone Tegra 4 we will provide a full HD multimedia and entertainment that will be loved by consumers," He added.

Minggu, 24 Februari 2013

Dell profits fall ahead of privatization

Dell profits fall ahead of privatization

Computer manufacturer Dell Incorporated profits fell 11 percent at the end of January 2013 to 14.3 billion U.S. dollars following the company's plan to exit the market and become a private company.

Bloomberg called the value exceeds the estimated number of analysts who called profit company headquartered in Austin Texas USA was only 14.1 billion U.S. dollars.

"Income does not include the decrease in value per share to 40 cents, versus 39 cents forecast by analysts," said Bloomberg.

International Data Group, as published PC World, Dell has experienced record profit decline in five quarters in a row due to a decline in sales computer.

Dell Revenue from desktop and laptop computers, which comprise half of Dell's business, fell to 20 percent by the end of the fourth fiscal quarter.

"The only thing growing is the business unit (product) for Dell servers and network (segment) business reached 18 percent," said IDG.

Dell has reduced its dependence on product benefits their PC and transform itself as a "solution" which emphasizes services and software.

Previously, Michael Dell, founder of Dell, along with private equity firm Silver Lake Partners agreed to replace 24.4 billion to shareholders in order to change the status of his company to private companies.

Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Qualcomm introduces new chip LTE  RF360

Qualcomm introduces new chip LTE RF360

Qualcomm today introduced the RF360, a radio frequency chip for 4G LTE mobile devices that supports multiple networks in the world.

Qualcomm RF front end solutions designed to increase performance and simplify RF OEM companies in developing multiband and multimode mobile devices, Qualcomm said in a statement on Friday.

RF360 radio frequency chip that already supports seven modes for the entire cell, including LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA, EV-DO, CDMA 1X, TD-SCDMA, and GSM / EDGE.

Qualcomm said the solution is designed RF360 is more efficient in power consumption and performance have increased to 50 percent better than the previous generation.

"A wide range of radio frequencies used to implement a global network of 2G, 3G and 4G LTE presents ongoing challenges for designers of mobile devices. 2G and 3G technologies Where each has been implemented on a 4 to 5 different global RF bands, the inclusion of LTE brings the number of bands cell to be about 40, "said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president of product management, Qualcomm Technologies Inc..

Qualcomm confirms that the RF360 chip will be launched to the market in the second half of this year.

Today, Qualcomm also announced other new products, WTR1625L chip, RF transceiver devices that consume battery power 20 percent more efficient than the previous generation.

In earlier days, Qualcomm also unveiled two new mobile processors, Snapdragon Snapdragon 400 and 200.

Sony launches PS 4

PlayStation enthusiast should rejoice as Sony has officially launched the latest edition of the console game on Wednesday. PlayStation (PS) 4 was made in 9 years, while the issue of the PS 3 has been on the market for 7 years after it was released November 2006. "We believe that the PlayStation 4 will change the thinking style of box or console," said Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, at the launch of PS 4

Sony launches PS 4

As quoted from Mashable, PS 4 manufacturing team leader Mark Cerny said Sony started making the fourth edition of the PlayStation shortly after the launch of the PS 3, with the concept of console "for developers, by developers". Until now, the PlayStation 2, released in March 2000, is still the best-selling console product on the market. Sony managed to sell over 150 million units in the last 13 years, and over 1.5 billion games sold for the console edition 2 it. Meanwhile, sales of the PS 3 can only be sold 70 million in the duration of 7 years. A1
35 thousand malware threatens Android devices

35 thousand malware threatens Android devices

More than 35 thousand new malicious programs are detected threaten Android-based devices until the end of 2012, according to Kaspersky Lab's Chief Product Officer., Petr Merkulov.

"The specialist Kaspersky Lab detects more than 35 thousand new malicious programs for Android devices in 2012, this means about six times more than the previous year," he said in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to him, nearly 99 percent of all mobile threats are detected Kaspersky Lab in 2012, is designed to attack Android smartphones and tablets, the user is expected to continue to grow.

In addition to the threat of malware, smart phone and tablet users often lose personal information is important not because of issues related to advanced technology, such as the loss of the device.

"This is why a mobile security solution, but to be able to give protection against malware and other attacks, should also be able to prevent your important data and confidential information from falling into the wrong hands," said Petr Merkulov, that his company offers mobile security software.

He added that most users understand the importance of security software for their personal computers, but usually do not realize that tablets and smart phones are small also need protection from malware and cyber criminals.

"Along with the increasing number of smart phone and tablet users who access bank accounts and shopping online from their smartphones and tablets, cyber criminals now see the mobile malware as an easy way to attack the unprotected and profit from it," he explained.


Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Sony CMT-V50IP, iPad Audio Dock with CD Player from Sony

Although it has its own line of music players, Sony apparently did not want to miss potential revenue to be dredged from users of Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod. For some time, they have released three audio devices that support Apple products. One of the newest types is the Sony CMT-V50IP.

Sony CMT-V50IPDock audio is designed to be used with all iOS devices, such as iPad, iPod, and iPhone. This device comes with a magnetic speaker-tech fluids are more energy efficient. Total output noise that can produce reaches 40W, loud enough to fill a bedroom or a room that is not too big. The design itself is fairly minimalist but still stylish so it's pretty cool to be ornament decorating at home.

With technology these speakers, the Sony CMT-V50IP can present with a very slim package complete with a display panel that serves to display the settings. Just like audio dock in general, by plugging your iOS device into the docking iOS device's battery then be charged automatically.

Besides being able to play songs from any mobile phone or iPad, the Sony CMT-V50IP also comes with a CD player and a radio module AM / FM. Other features are there in which this is an audio dock clock, sleep timer that allows you to wake to sleep, and features sound effects and bass boost to enhance the sound performance. Sony CMT-V50IP been available in the market today, with a price tag of $ 200.


Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

HTC One, Android Phones With most sophisticated camera technology

Not long ago we reported the presence of the Sony Xperia Z is a star at CES 2013. Now comes yet another Android smartphone from Taiwan: HTC One.

Smartphone which was known as the M7 comes with a unibody aluminum design luxurious and elegant. But charm is not only physically.

It has a size of 4.7 inches, One screen has a resolution of Full HD 1920x1080 pixel density of 468 ppi (pixels per inch). That is either text, pictures, and videos will be shown with very sharp. As the most advanced phone from HTC, One is also concerned with the performance. Quadcore processor speed of 1.7GHz Qualcomm has invested along with 2GB of RAM for best performance.


HTC BlinkFeed

Together with HTC Sense 5, BlinkFeed features change the view on the main screen into a live stream of relevant personal information such as social media updates, entertainment, lifestyle, news and photos with real visual display so you do not need to open a separate application to find out what was occur. Brief looks will be similar like Flipboard app or Live Tiles on Windows 8. HTC provides more than 1400 news sources with more than 10,000 articles per day both locally and globally.

UltraPixel HTC Camera with Zoe

Armed with the f/2.0 lens UltraPixels 4 MP sensor, camera One very promising. HTC seems to sacrifice the amount of MP that can be generated and a "swap" with the amount of data or a light that can be captured. The sensor is able to capture light UltraPixel 300 percent more than other smartphone camera sensor that automatically deliver stunning low-light capability and a variety of improvements in images and video.

Multi-axis optical image stabilization assures smoother video capture, whether at rest or in motion. HTC UltraPixel also features a 360-degree panorama object to the deletion of "interfering" in the photo!

Not only in the rear, front camera also has a wide-angle capability that will capture more objects or the background while you photograph yourself. More than that, you can also record Full HD 1080p video quality.

Sophistication One continues HTC camera with the features of HTC Zoe. HTC One camera will record five photos before you press the shutter button, as well as 15 additional photos after you press the shutter button. With 20 additional photos of the moment, you can create a short animation or choose a better photo. At the time of recording images, HTC Zoe also video recording three seconds. So there is no moment is missed at all, although we were a bit worried about memory capacity will fill up quickly if the feature is enabled.

Footage will also be automatically generated by integrating each moment that combines Zoe, photo and video, accompanied by music with editing, transitions and effects in a professional manner. The video can also be reprocessed or made with different themes, and easily shared through social media, email and other services.

HTC BoomSound

So far we know HTC duet with Beats Audio by Dr.Dre. This time, HTC is introducing a new technology that brings the front stereo speakers with separate amplifier. What is more, the technology is also capable integrated with Beats Audio. Meanwhile, to improve the quality of the call, HTC Sense rely Voice that increases the volume and sound quality in noisy environments.

The operating system uses Android v4.1.2 HTC One Jelly Bean with two internal memory options, 32GB and 64GB, microSD slot, but there is no free quota of 25GB in storage service in the cloud, DropBox, for 2 years.

Launched globally starting next March, we expect One will be priced at  $630. HTC will provide One with the option of black, white and red. Which one suits your taste?


Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

What Is Yoga?

What Is Yoga?

What is Yoga?

Developed in India, Yoga is a philosophical discipline with roots going back about 5,000 years. Today, most Yoga practices in the West focuses on the physical postures called "asanas," breathing exercises called "pranayama," and meditation. However, there's more to it than that, and the deeper you go the richer and more diverse the tradition becomes. The word "Yoga" means union. Linguistically, it is related to the Old English "yoke." Traditionally, the goal of Yoga is union with the Absolute, known as Brahman, or with Atman, the true self. These days the focus is often on the more down-to-earth benefits of Yoga, including improved physical fitness, mental clarity, greater self-understanding, stress control and general well-being. Spirituality, however, is a strong underlying theme to most practices. The beauty of Yoga is in its versatility, allowing practitioners to focus on the physical, psychological or spiritual, or a combination of all three.

Is Yoga a religion?

No... although there is a debate of it. It depends on how you define "religion" and how the Yoga practitioner approaches his or her practice. The physical and psychological benefits of Yoga are real and don't discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, political persuasion or any other way people like (or dislike) to categorize themselves. Yoga has a strong philosophical base that provides a code of conduct for society. On the spiritual side, most mystical traditions -- East or West -- draw similar maps of the spiritual path. So in that respect, Yoga is mainstream. Like Shakespeare said, "A rose by any name would smell as sweet." For these reasons, many people feel they can practice Yoga without conflict with their religious beliefs. However, Yoga is connected to the Hindu tradition and draws on many Hindu beliefs -- karma, dharma, reincarnation, Atman, etc.


There are four paths of Yoga: 1)Jnana, the path of knowledge or wisdom; 2)Bhakti, the path of devotion; 3) Karma, the path of action; and 4) Raja, the path of self control. Hatha Yoga, which includes postures and breathing, and is the form most popular in the West, is actually part of Raja Yoga, the path of self control. The path most followed in India is thought to be Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion. Within Hatha Yoga there are many styles, such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Integral, Kripalu and Jiva Mukti, to name a few. These Yogas all share a common lineage back to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, a text outlining the basic philosophy and practices of Classical Yoga. It was written sometime between the second century B.C. and the first century A.D.

Hatha Yoga

This is by far the most popular type of Yoga today. It comprises the third and fourth limbs of Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga), i.e., the physical work of postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama). Most, not all, Hatha Yoga classes will include other limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, such as sense withdrawal (Pratyahara), concentration (Dharana) and meditation (Dhyana). The physical postures/movement, breathing techniques, cleansing practices (Kriyas), locks (Bandhas), hand gestures (Mudras) as we know them today were only systematized by the Nath yogis in the 13th century, and later recorded in just a handful of manuals such as the Hathayogapradipika, the Gerandha Samhita, and the Siva Samhita. The many excellent Yoga publications and popular styles of Hatha Yoga practiced today are all based on these and just a few other manuals. Today there are about 84 classical postures of which many are rarely used. About 12 postures are more commonly used; many yogis use less in their regular practice. The original postures cannot be improved upon, but they may and, in fact, should be modified to suit a person's individual needs. The postures are so adaptable that the elderly and even persons with severe physical impairments may practice Hatha Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga

Practitioners of Bhakti Yoga seek realization through the celebration of love and devotion in a religious and philosophical sense using songs, dance and offerings. It is the Yoga of the heart widely practiced in India.

Jnana Yoga

This is the Yoga of knowledge. It needs to be supported by wisdom which we acquire from life experience, and the study of science and inspirational literature and, of course, meditation..

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the Yoga of action. It is for people who like to live their lives energetically, without necessarily expecting a reward. Karma Yoga helps us to influence our lives positively. It is based on the premise that every action has a consequence, and what happens in our present and future lives is very much our own responsibility.

Raja Yoga

This is called the Royal Yoga and is the subject of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. It deals with Samyama, the three more inner stages of Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Dharana, concentration, is the first step. In Dharana, the mind still wanders and has to be continually brought back to the object of concentration. This is followed by Dhyana, meditation. Dhyana manifests itself spontaneously through the regular practice of concentration and leads to Samadhi, enlightened consciousness. The knowledge gained in this state is stronger and more certain than that obtained through our senses. There are four stages in Samadhi; once these are traversed, one reaches the highest possible state of consciousness, which is the goal of Yoga.

Courtesy of Ming Lee, the Chairman of Yoga Society of Hong Kong,