Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

 Hot fitness tips and trends for 2014

Hot fitness tips and trends for 2014

Skip the gym! You do not need the fancy equipment divas! You already own what is the hottest fitness equipment for 2013 according to the American college of sports medicine. (ACSM). what is this wonderful hot trending equipment! It is your own body.

3,346 fitness professionals named bodyweight-baring exercise as the third top trend for 2013, making it the newest fitness craze to join the list. As the name implies, it involves using your body’s own weight as the source of resistance to build up strength and endurance. Think push-ups, squats, deadlifts, stuff like that. Yes Divas, it is the old fashion way of getting into shape. There no excuse to say, you can’t afford this piece of equipment, plus it is portable, it can be taken with you anywhere, after all you already do.

As the madness for the holiday shopping dash goes on, you can incorporate the body weight-baring exercises into a shopping routine. The malls will be packed, so parking a car far away, is logical. Instead circling the car around for an hour trying to get that space closer to the front, just park away from mall. Then do a sprint into the mall, when coming out loaded with gifts, you added resistance, sprint to your car. Guess what Divas, you just did an exercise with the hot, trending equipment. All it cost you was the gifts you bought for Christmas.

Exercise is getting back to basics, many fitness gurus have pushed this. “It’s true that things that are old are new again, and it is really nice to see that,” says Dick Cotton, ACSM’s national director of certification. “Older trends are coming back, and some are coming back and safer.” This trend has come at a perfect time. We have this desire to be healthy, yet economically it very hard to do. Example a salad cost $6, a cheese burger at McDonalds is $1. You paid your bills and you got $30 till your next paycheck, you still need groceries. What do you get to eat? We know how to eat healthy, it just sometimes it is hard to financially.

Hot fitness tips and trends for 2014

“We used to have only two variations of a push-up. The standard, straight body push-up as well as what was called ‘girls’ pushups.’” says Cotton. “Now, we have an extreme variety of no-cost exercises that work. Look at the heights of different common things out in the world like a table, a chair, the ground, a tree, the kitchen counter. Years ago those were not even considered during training. In fact, the ‘girls’ push-up’ has largely gone away because you can do more effective pushups with less resistance from a table top instead of going from your knees.” Avoiding the high cost of specialized equipment is definitely a plus, he says, especially in tighter economic times.

So, 2014 is about you, and no excuse to why you can’t use this piece of fitness equipment in 2014. Yes I know holidays are hard with all the temptation of the goodies to stick to a diet and fitness plan. Once they are over, what excuse do you have? You got the equipment, you got the capability, you can use it. Join in on this fitness craze of back to basics, and make it something for you.