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Optimistic attitude toward the health effects

The relationship of optimism and health

A person who has an optimistic attitude tend to see things from both sides. Two people are behind bars in the same prison to see something different on the outside of the prison, depending on whether the person is an optimist or a pessimist. A pessimist would see a dirty muddy ground outside the jail to make it more depression, while an optimist would see the beauty of the stars are scattered in the sky that lit up the night. Through the eyes of an optimistic outlook, the glass looks half full of water while through a pessimist, the glass looks half empty.

Optimism is actually a view of our faith. Optimism is built on trust and hope in God and believe that He can do all things for our good. Therefore, an optimist can laugh despite what was expected did not materialize. Optimists have proved that laughter is medicine. Being a pessimist find it hard to laugh. By choosing to be an optimist, we will be able to laugh and gain a positive impact thereof.

Norman Cousin, is the author of a book called Anatomy of Illness, and is also an editor of the Saturday Review for over 30 years. He also is a professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral flying science at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). In his book Anatomy of Illness he emphasized the great importance of having a happy attitude to our health. He recounted his own experience in which he suffered serious collagen. In August 1964, he suffered a widespread inflammation of collagen, the connective tissue of the body that is composed of fibrous substance that binds cells together.

Suffering is as follows: (i) his skin thickened and inelastic, tight and slick and shiny, so consequently he found it difficult to move the fingers, (ii) he has difficulty in moving his limbs, and turned around on the spot sleep, (iii) a lot of bumps covering his body which shows the characteristics of the disease that has spread to all parts of his body, (iv) a second jaw can not be moved, because of inflamed and thickened connective tissue so that his mouth as if buttoned and tight.

Dr. William Hitzig, doctors held a consultation with experts from Howard Rusk Rehabilitation Clinic in the city of New York. After the Norman Cousin checked, they confirm that he was not only suffering from collagen, but also ankylosing spondylitis, which means the connective tissue in the spine is also under attack, so having contractions. The doctors provide a wide range of drugs painkillers such as aspirin, phenylbutazone (butazolidine), codeine, colchicines and what kinds of sleeping pills. Norman is given the maximum dose of 26 tablets of aspirin, as well as 12 tablets phenylbutazone (butazolidine) every day.

As a result, his violent side reaction, ie swelling all over her body as if bitten by millions of red ants. He was very sensitive to all the drugs given to him. Statistics show that only 1 in 500 people will be cured. It is a progressive disease with a dismal prognose.

Norman Cousin was troubled by her suffering, and one day she confronted the doctor and he murmured, "I have been tired with all this treatment along with all the symptoms of side effects. Therefore, I want to stop eating these drugs and trying to cheer me. "He called Allen Funt, producer of" Candid Camera "to send him funny movie with a movie projector. The nurses were instructed how to play the film.

He was surprised to find that the pain was reduced when he laughs. He noticed that when he laughed out loud for 10 minutes, as he watched funny movies, he can sleep for 2 hours without feeling pain. When the effect of reduction in pain from laughing out loud it began to disappear, he will play another funny movie that will bring him an interval of pain-free sleep. Sometimes nurses will read to her collection of books filled with humor. Norman Cousin really happy with the films that funny, and the story is filled with humor. Unfortunately there is one negative side of the program in which Norman laughing too strong, thus disturbing the patients at the hospital.

Norman Cousin finally moved to a room where she can laugh at will, without disturbing the other patients. But he will still be monitored blood erythrocyte sedimentation rate, which is a blood test that indicates inflammation suffered terrible person. Blood tests are moving from 112 mm per hour decreased to 15 mm per hour on day 8! At the end of the day to 8, Norman was able to move his thumb without feeling any pain, lumps on the neck and back of his body began to shrink. His health recovered enough to return to work full Saturday Review. As the years passed and the movement increased until he was able to play tennis, golf, horseback riding, holding the camera by hand is not shaking, it can even play piano with songs like Toccata and Fugue difficult in D minor.

Laughter really is the panacea, as supported by the experience of many people. Are benefits of laughter? Research shows that laughter is very useful because (i) to train your lungs, (ii) stimulate the circulatory system, (iii) increase the oxygen is inhaled into the lungs and blood, (iv) where the runners like first heartbeat , respiration and blood circulation is accelerated, then pulse and blood pressure will decrease followed by a relaxed muscle.

Research at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to get, that when a laugh with a sincere, sympathetic nervous system will be stimulated to produce catecholamine, then the front of the pituitary gland will be stimulated to produce endorphins. The effects of endorphins as natural opiates are as follows: (i) to calm the mind, (ii) relief of pain (more effective than morphine), (iii) encouraging mood, (iv) increased endorphin activity of immune cells [1 pico endorphin gram = 1 gram per trillion cells increases the activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells against tumor cells by 42%].

We can be really happy and have a real laugh just by believing fully in Him and know that He who control our lives! Dr. Belloc and Dr.. Breslow from the Department of Public Health, Berkeley, California found that longevity has a close relationship with the people rejoice. This study covering 6928 residents in Alameda County, showing that they were not happy to have mortality rates 57% higher than those who live happily. An experiment conducted on university students at Harvard University, to see the impact of positive thinking on the immune system.

After participating in a comprehensive personality test where measured tolerance, confidence and self worth, and blood samples were taken from each university students then NK cells isolated and then put together with cancer cells for 4 hours to measure power than NK cells from the university students. Apparently NK cells from university students who think healthy and have a positive behavior, eradicate the cancer cells are more powerful than a group with other personality. Medium NK cells from university students who major depression in personality tests, and tend to withdraw and have a low self-worth, the least active in eradicating cancer cells.

It is only people who have self-tolerance and high value that can see the good side of any situation, so that they can enjoy better health. To be healthy, God encourages us to have free of evil thoughts and ways of thinking that are not wise

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