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How To Do Deadlifts The Right Way

How To Do Deadlifts The Right Way.

And before I get started here Yes women should do deadlifts and I am about to show you why.  A properly executed deadlift works all of the major muscles in the lower body, including the lower back, legs, and butt. The deadlift is one of my favorites.

The main reason is the functional strength you get from doing it. What I mean is unlike any other lift the dead builds strength we use in our everyday lives. Think about how many times you bend down to pick things up off the floor (mom’s I know you know what I mean), picking up your kids etc. The total body strength gains from doing deads are like no other exercise.

Benefits Of Doing The Deadlift:

1) Core Stability – It builds core stability. The deadlift directly targets all of the major muscle groups responsible for correct posture and core strength. The deadlift will also strengthen all the surrounding supporting muscles of the waist, backside, hips and, of course, lower back.

2) Total Body Exercise – it works more muscles simultaneously than any other exercise.

3) Cardio Fitness – It helps to develop cardio respiratory fitness. Like the squat, deadlifts will severely tax the cardio respiratory system if done with enough intensity, high intensity deadlifts aerobically tax the body big time.

4) Functional Real World Strength – ( I mentioned it above but again) Carrying the grocery bags, moving a piece of furniture, picking up your kids the master the deadlift and with your added strength gains common everyday tasks will be easier.

5) Burn More Fat – (see #2) The more muscles an exercise uses the more of a metabolic response in the body equalling more fat loss.


 How To Deadlift:

  1. When starting out, practice with a light weight until you get the right form.
  2. Brace your abs. Breathe out on the way up. Never hold your breath.
  3. Use the mixed overhand-underhand grip for heavier weights. This grip provides some reassurance that heavier weights will not slip from the hands.
  4. Keep the back straight with no rounding at the shoulders and spine. Keep those hips down, butt out.
  5. The bar should travel close to the body for maximum lift efficiency and safety.
  6. The key to the lifting process for beginners is to lift with the legs and not the arms and shoulders, although their stabilizing role is no less important. What you want to do is drive through your heels on the way up.

The deadlift is too often ignored in general fitness weight training, especially by women. For men and women wanting to build good looking legs and backside, the deadlift joins the squat as a premier exercise and can go some way toward replacing the squat for those who find balancing heavy weights on inflexible shoulders not to their liking.

Give it a go. Deadlifts are one of my favorite lifts. They have been a key exercise in my workouts for as long as I can remember.Yes they are that good.
If you are still skeptical about using exercises like Squats and Deadlifts I want you to go read

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