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What Type of Anti Wrinkle Face Cream is Right for You?

How do you determine which anti wrinkle face cream is right for you when there are hundreds, even thousands of products on the market today?

A woman is never too young to begin thinking about a skin care regimen, according to skin care professionals and dermatologists.

At the most basic level, men and women alike, regardless of age, should make sunscreen a part of their daily regimen, especially those living in warm climates and at high elevations. Sun damage is the primary source for premature aging of the skin, loss of elasticity, and ultimately the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Many daily moisturizing creams contain a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 15. Choosing a moisturizer with a sunscreen added is not only a time saver, but a wise choice in the battle against premature aging, and in the prevention of skin cancer as well.

There is a vast universe of skin care products on the market that goes far beyond basic sunscreen and moisturizer. These products include eye creams, neck creams, serums, tightening creams, masques, gels, night creams, and more.

These myriad treatments contain anti-aging elements that range from patented chemical formulas and concentrated vitamins to earthy elements found in nature including sea algae, grape seed and avocado oils, and chamomile. These treatments run the gamut in price from under $20 for drug chain brands to over $400 for a 1 oz jar of a luxury cream. How does one navigate these waters?

Begin by determining what result you hope to achieve from your skin care treatment. A young woman with no visible signs of aging such as crow's feet or wrinkles may need only a daily sunscreen to prevent sun damage, and simple products to keep her skin glowing and hydrated. This woman's needs could be easily met with an inexpensive exfoliating product and daily moisturizer with sunscreen from the local drug chain.

Conversely, a woman in her 40s may have visible signs of aging which include fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, sagging in the chin, neck and jowls, and deep furrows in her brow and forehead. Additionally, as women age, the skin becomes drier and requires more moisturizer. This woman might seek several products to address the issues of sagging, hydration, and deep wrinkles. It is this woman who needs to do the research to choose the products that will most likely work for her.

For this woman, a bit of research and fortitude will be required to determine which products will most likely give her the results she desires. Price is not a good indicator, as the most expensive item is not always the one that performs best.

Search for documented clinical results which include before and after photos, as they give credibility to product claims. Online retailers usually have customer reviews posted, which can also be a good indicator of a product's performance. Whenever possible, get a sample of an expensive skin care treatment to try before investing in the full size bottle. Shop online and bricks-and-mortar retailers which offer product guarantees to ensure that if you're not satisfied, you can return the product.

Always follow product directions carefully when using any skin care treatment. Fruit acids and other anti-aging ingredients used in anti wrinkle face cream and other treatments can be very effective in renewing a complexion, but burning and irritating if used incorrectly. And to create a beautiful complexion from the inside out, always remember to drink plenty of water every day!

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