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High Cholesterol Linked to Sunlight Deficiencies

Sunlight DeficienciesVitamin D is formed in the skin when UVB radiation from the sun reacts with cholesterol within the skins capillary bed. This conversion takes place and reduces the cholesterol level of the body. In the absence of this exposure cholesterol builds up in the body and causes coronary heart disease instead of creating the disease preventative hormone vitamin D. Taking vitamin D orally will not provide this benefit.

The exchange and turnover of vitamin D for cholesterol in the skins capillary bed will be the determining factor in reducing blood plasma cholesterol levels. If the rate of the livers production of cholesterol always exceeds this, then no reduction will occur. If insufficient vitamin D is synthesized in the skin, then no reduction will occur.

If the blood flow is good enough to improve on this ratio, then of course cholesterol levels should be reduced. Recent research is also indicating that sunshine dilates capillaries.

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Capillary blood flow is often times limited by the tiny diameter of the capillaries themselves, often only large enough to allow passage of one blood cell at a time to squeeze through. They are also regulated and at any time three quarters of them are closed. I can suggest the use of a nicotinic acid flush which increases capillary size two and three fold, which translates into a four to nine fold increase in the blood flow potential. Many people suffer from an insufficient capillary blood flow. Vitamin B3 rivals, and often produces much better results than modern Stanton drugs designed to combat high cholesterol levels in the blood, and I admit not being familiar with the mechanisms for this. It may by itself be related to vitamin D exchange and turnover, or may have other mechanisms of effectiveness. But either way it does and should work In regards to enhancing vitamin D exchange for cholesterol.

Muscle contractions are triggered by the flood of calcium ions into the muscle cells, and muscle relaxation is triggered by the flood of magnesium ions into the muscle cells. When the heart fails to contract and relax rythmically from these alternating ionic signals, this is called a heart attack. Calcium adsorption into the body is not at all efficient without vitamin D, and magnesium adsorption also needs this assistance…in fact it is estimated that the majority of US citizens are severely magnesium deficient leading to stress, disease, and heart attacks!Vitamin D Sunshine

So, in these ways sunlight combats heart disease by completing the metabolic pathway for vitamin D synthesis in the skin. The vitamin D created in this way reduces the cholesterol level of the body and also greatly enhances the adsorption of calcium and magnesium into the body ensuring a strong healthy heart, enhancing the relaxation response, and avoiding coronary artery disease.

In this highly charged and energetic environment we live in, it is truly not surprising that life has evolved to utilize these energies.

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