Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Beware Consumption of Ice Cream In Cancer Patients

Beware Consumption of Ice Cream In Cancer Patients Eating ice cream is recommended to maintain health because of its high calcium content. Likewise, yogurt called prebiotic properties for digestive problems. But two meals had turned out not be taken carelessly by people with breast cancer.Kaiser Permanente research institution in California for the first time doing research related to the content of the milk and breast cancer. The experts call high-fat dairy ingredients are used as food ingredients can increase estrogen hormone driving cancer cell growth.

According to the data, one in eight women develop breast cancer potential. This figure is even reaching 50,000 cases per year and lead to the death rate 11,800 a year. The scientists looked at data from 1,500 women diagnosed with breast cancer between 1997 and 2000.

The respondents were asked to fill out questionnaires about how often they consumed dairy products and said portion. The most commonly recorded is ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and chocolate.Dr Bette Caan, leader of the study said, "the high-fat milk is not recommended, they should switch to low-fat milk."

He added that the women who consumed one serving of high-fat dairy per day, 64 percent more likely to die of any cause, not just for breast cancer alone. While breast cancer patients who consume high-fat dairy products per day, 50 percent more likely to develop cancer more severe.

"For some reason the health of all women are encouraged to perform a balanced diet. It helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Including reducing alcohol and physical exercise helps reduce the risk of breast cancer and improve overall health. Risk factors for breast cancer is not only error-diet , "said Sally Greenbrook of Breakthrough Breast Cancer as quoted by the Daily Mail

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