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No Time To exercise Lose Weight, Try This!

 no time to exercise lose weightIf you have no time to exercise or you’re just too tired to workout after a long day at work (or just can’t get up early enough to hit the gym) then I’ve got something for you to try.

This doesn’t only work if you have no time to exercise, it will also help you to make working out a habit if you have trouble staying consistent with your workout program.

You know what I mean, you hit the gym three or four times per week for a month and then take two months off. That won’t get you anywhere!

Start by focusing on making exercise a habit so that it becomes part of your life routine.

And the easiest way to do this is not just to work out first thing in the morning but to make the workout unbelievably simple!

How do you make it so simple that you never skip a workout? Easy! As soon as you roll out of bed, start exercising! This can be as simple as one exercise!

Here are some examples.

Roll out of bed and do X number of bodyweight squats (such as 50 or 100 depending on your fitness level!)

If you can’t do 50 straight take rests when you need it and keep track of the time it takes to complete all 50 and try and beat that time the next time you do it.

Or, reverse it and do bodyweight squats for 7 (or 15) minutes, resting when you need to and keeping track of how many reps you complete. Next time, try and do more in that 7 minutes.

Side Note: The rep numbers will be different for different exercises, as it’s a lot easier to do 50 jumping jacks than it is to do 50 burpees or jump lunges.

You could do a different exercise each day for a week and then repeat.

Maybe a workout plan like this:

Monday — Bodyweight Squats
Tuesday — Push Ups
Wednesday — Burpees
Thursday — Jumping Jacks
Friday — Jump Lunges
Saturday — Jump Rope
Sunday — Rest

If you have a pull up bar or an apparatus like the Lifeline USA Jungle Gym XT, you can get a lot more versatile as well as hitting the important back muscles more directly.

Once you’ve got that down, you can take the next step and just add one more exercise. If you have a kettlebell or two dumbbells you can keep them by the bed and incorporate those as well.

You can also start to use hiit training workouts with these exercises, utilizing the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes (so 8 total sets).

One workout might look like this:

Burpees – 20 seconds on 10 seconds of rest for 8 sets

If you have the dumbbells or kettlebells you could do:

Squat (KB or DB in rack position) plus Push Press – 20 seconds on 10 seconds of rest for 8 sets

With two exercises it might be:

Push Ups – 20 seconds on 10 seconds of rest for 8 sets
Bodyweight Squat – 20 seconds on 10 seconds of rest for 8 sets

If that’s too easy you could make the exercises harder by doing narrow push ups, explosive push ups, staggered push ups, clap push ups, spiderman push ups, etc.

For bodyweight squats, you could do narrow stance squats, super slow squats, jump lunges, jump squats, 180 degree jump squats, etc.

The key is to MAKE THE DECISION to do a short workout like this right when you get out of bed.

Once you’ve done that for a few weeks and exercise becomes the normal thing you do in the morning, you can start doing multi-exercise routines.

You’ll no longer say “I have no time to exercise” or “I’m too tired to workout.”

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