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Give These Natural Acne Remedies A Try

Although the skin problem known as acne is often something that teenagers suffer from, today there are many adults as well who are suffering from this particular skin condition. But rather than using more traditional western treatments for helping to improve the condition of their skin and remove the acne more and more people are choosing to try natural acne remedies instead.

Below we provide a number of different remedies that you may want to try in place of those that you can buy over the counter at your local drugstore. One of the biggest benefits to be gained from using such treatments is that they do not cause side effects. Plus rather than just treating the main problem of acne which appears on the skins surface these natural remedies will treat the underlying causes also.

Natural Acne Remedies

Treatment 1 - Aloe Vera - 

You can either use this in gel or juice form and the reason why it is so effective is that it contains antibiotic properties. Along with actually treating the infection it can help to prevent the scarring caused by this skin problem. It is most effective when used twice each day (once in the morning and once in the evening). It should be used until such time as you see an improvement in the condition of your skin in some cases it can take as long as 6 months.

Treatment 2 - Apple Cider Vinegar - 

This is extremely effective at helping to clean your skin. All you need to do is put some on a cotton ball and then wipe over your face. This helps not only to clean out the pores and helps to remove the dirt and bacteria which results in the acne forming. But it also helps to remove any excess oil and helps to re-balance the skin's pH, which leaves your skin looking great. This is properly one of the natural remedies that actually works really quickly in treating the condition.

Treatment 3 - Cucumber - 

Yes an ideal natural way of treating acne. You have the choice of either liquefying a cucumber, which has been peeled before applying to the acne. Or you can drink the juice four of five times a day for one week. It helps to treat the acne by purifying your blood along with improving the functioning of your lymphatic system, which in turn results in you having much clearer skin.

Treatment 4 - Extract of Grapefruit Seed - 

This is an extremely effective natural remedy for acne as it contains anti-microbial properties as well as disinfectant ones. The best way to use this particular remedy is to combine between four and forty drops of the extract with 4 fl oz of water. Make sure that it is well mixed and then apply this directly on to the affected area using either a cotton ball or Q-tip two or three times each day.

Treatment 5 - Tea Tree Oil - 

This has been used for many centuries now because it contains good antiseptic properties and so is perfect for helping to remove dirt and bacteria from the skin. But what strength of oil you use will depend upon how severe your acne is. Plus yes this treatment can take some time before you begin to see any results, but unlike over the counter treatments it does not cause further damage to your skin as it helps it retain moisture.

Along with the natural acne remedies we have mentioned above there are plenty of others that you may want to consider trying. There are some which require you to make changes in your lifestyle and diet, but these will then help to make sure that once gone the acne will find it much more difficult to return in the future.

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