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Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure

The American Heart Association states that, above 30% adult Americans are suffering from high blood pressure.

High blood pressure does not only causes damages to the heart, kidneys, eyes and other organs but it is one of the main reason for cardiac arrests and heart attacks that could be incurable.

Yet, you will be surprised to know that approximately 30% of the Americans go for medical treatments out of the millions and millions suffering from high blood pressure.

The reason behind patients who suffers from blood pressure doesn't avail any medical treatments is the deterring cost of blood pressure medicines and also the harmful side effects associated with these treatment.

You might be aware that I am also one of those people who never got any treatment for my high blood pressure related conditions because I was afraid of allopathic medicines and also their side effects.

But, I did receive help from different tried and tested natural remedies for curing blood pressure, which controlled my high blood pressure and also improved my overall health.

While natural cures for high blood pressure work for almost everybody, it is important that you curb the causes of high blood pressure if you want to be free from this condition for the rest of your life.

So, it can prove very much helpful for you if you really cut down the intake of salt and also getting your weight reduced as accordance to your height.

Making certain dietary changes like cutting down on your intake of fat, sugar and red meat will also decrease your cholesterol level and help in controlling your blood pressure.

Consumption of celery juice is known to have a proven effect on controlling blood pressure, as celery acts as a natural diuretic. You should take a glass of celery juice combined with some other roots like carrot once every day.

Most naturopaths suggest that everyday you should eat a papaya in the morning in an empty stomach for a month. You should not eat anything with the papaya and also after eating the papaya for at least two hours. This is an effective remedy for not only getting blood pressure under control but also in order to lose excessive weight.

Eating garlic, either in its normal form or in captures, can drop blood pressure in only a few minutes. I've tested this over and over again using professional blood pressure monitors before and after garlic loaded dinners.

I did try the above mentioned natural remedies to control my blood pressure and they did work out fine to a certain extent, but I did achieve the freedom for blood pressure problems when I stumbled on a specially crafted exercise regimen to lower blood pressure.

Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure other kinds of natural blood pressure treatments. Presently, in order to lead a healthy life

The exercises of mine that was especially chalked out as a natural cure for high blood pressure does not involve too much exertion or high rat of physical activity. These are actually mild exercise that helped me to overcome my blood pressure problem completely so that my blood pressure became normal entirely in a few days.

Its been a very long time now since I gave up taking other kinds of natural blood pressure treatments. Presently, in order to lead a healthy life I give a few minutes a week to the exercises that have managed to give back my life to me.

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