Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Sony launches PS 4

PlayStation enthusiast should rejoice as Sony has officially launched the latest edition of the console game on Wednesday. PlayStation (PS) 4 was made in 9 years, while the issue of the PS 3 has been on the market for 7 years after it was released November 2006. "We believe that the PlayStation 4 will change the thinking style of box or console," said Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, at the launch of PS 4

Sony launches PS 4

As quoted from Mashable, PS 4 manufacturing team leader Mark Cerny said Sony started making the fourth edition of the PlayStation shortly after the launch of the PS 3, with the concept of console "for developers, by developers". Until now, the PlayStation 2, released in March 2000, is still the best-selling console product on the market. Sony managed to sell over 150 million units in the last 13 years, and over 1.5 billion games sold for the console edition 2 it. Meanwhile, sales of the PS 3 can only be sold 70 million in the duration of 7 years. A1

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