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The China Android Tablet PC Market: Gadget Heaven Or Copycat Hell?

The Android Tablet PC are the electronic gadgets that clients with hundreds of extra electronic gizmos are stocking up by the day. Given its pocket size, better-than-PC-and-as-good-as-Smartphone, Androids are rapidly becoming tech playmates from schoolchildren to grandparents.

This demand has been met largely with the hundreds of OEM tablets flushed into global markets from China. These tablets are shipped in generic white boxes and are fast becoming the main stay products for clients around the world. Besides, the open source nature of the Android Technology gives tech-preneurs the freedom to explore building inexpensive, minimal hardware Android PC tablets at very competitive prices.

As sellers know, why China has come out with such a lot of tablets based on Android, the easier it is for them to position these products in their tablet catalogs.

Issues Facing Chinese-make Androids

This explosion, of China Tablets as they are called, is visible from mid-2010 onwards. Over the past year, this market has developed and China tablets have been reviewed, tested and analyzed sufficiently for worldwide consumers and suppliers to identify primary issues of poor quality and fake products.

Example of Poor Quality

China Tablets are occasionally accused of poor performing hardware. A much discussed and analyzed example has been the poor performance of touch screens. “The touch screens are limited in their performance-‘resistive’ rather than ‘Capacitive’” is the common refrain.

Another issue is to do with ‘fakes’. Unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers are willing partners who do not hesitate to pass-off a generic China made Android Tablet PC as originals. Procuring agents, suppliers, need to be double aware by self-examination of features that are unique for branded products and which are 100% replicas.

Trade news and watch dog websites are places you need to look for information on identifying fakes, poor quality or manufacturers whose products are generating a large amount complaints etc.

For that reason, suppliers and retailers need to choose their Chinese manufacturers prudently. It is suggested that when sourcing is makes better financial as well as logistic sense to choose multiple-product portals such as Chinavasion, which would stand proof for qualitatively superior products.

Why Chinavasion is Your Partner

One of the pioneering China-based China Tablets wholesalers and online store is Chinavasion. Over the years China has proved that it is an exclusion rather than the norm with its array of swanky, high-performing, OEM Tablet PCs. It also deals with the entire spectrum of electronic and related accessories.

You will not only find the greatest products but the best prices as well here. Some of the reasons why ChinaVasion products are the Tablets you as a seller needs to source are: Hardware features of these tables are scaled down to keep costs down. Consequently, the basic OEM models do not have GPS, or 3G. Still, the slightly higher priced, fully-loaded OEM tablets are available too. These come with good 10″ monitors, 1GHz, USB 2.0 etc.

Quality-approved products selected after rigorous validation processes are the hallmark of Chinavasion. Products on their catalog are competitively priced and available for wholesale consumers too.

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