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How to Burn Belly Fat and Get a Flat Belly

Everyone wants a flat belly. We want the washboard abs and the ripped midsection. There are a multitude of programs designed to get you exactly that: a flat belly. Many have created gadgets or exercise tools to get you there. I hate to tell you this but if you have excess fat around your midsection the you can do crunches, sit-ups, ab rollers, ab chairs, ab balls or any other ab exercise until the cows come home and it won’t make much difference.

I understand the desire to get rid of belly fat and concur with the obsession with it. Belly fat is more dangerous than any other type of fat. Belly fat is considered a contributing factor to heart disease and other diseases. Not to mention the fact that you don’t look so great in a bikini or swimsuit.

But losing belly fat is dependent on your ability to burn calories and lose weight. If you want to lose belly fat then it is imperative that you diet and exercise. The exercise with help you burn calories, the diet will enable you to restrict calories and the combination of the two will begin to make war on the fat around your belly.

Stop falling for the gimmicks and buckle down and stick to what works. Eat sensible smaller meals about four times per day and exercise at least four times per week. I would recommend at least a 45 minute brisk walk on the days that you are not exercising.

Weight training should be a part of your exercise program as well as some form of exercise that gets your heart rate up. This can be cardio, body weight exercise, interval training or some program like Turbulence Training.

So if you want to burn belly fat get out there and dedicate yourself to a sensible diet and consistent exercise program and you will begin to see results.

Just one final word. It has been my experience that belly fat is one of the last areas where the fat will leave. You will probably lose fat in other areas first but stay dedicated and and the fat will begin to disappear from your belly.

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