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Green Tea and Its Health Benefits

The Chinese people have, for the past 4,000 years, used green tea to ease headaches and treat depression and everything in between.

Studies carried out in Asia and the west have produced solid evidence of the health benefits of green tea. In a study in the 1994 edition of the Journal of National Cancer Institute demonstrated that one of the benefits of drinking green tea is that it reduces the risk of esophageal cancer by up to 60% in Chinese people.

Why does green tea have so many health benefits? Scientists say its the presence of catechin polyphenols - in particular epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). ECCG is a powerful antioxidant that stops the growth of cancern cells but also destroys them but leaves healthy cells alone.

A study at the University of Purdue concluded that a certain compound present in green tea can stop cancer cells from growing. Still another health benefit of green tea is its ability to lower cholesterol levels and improve the balance between good (HDL) cholesterol and bad (LDL) cholesterol.

The EGCG in green tea is a health benefit substance that can lower down LDL cholesterol levels and stop blood from forming abnormal clots (thrombosis), a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.

What makes green tea healthier than say oolong and black tea? The answer lies in how the Camellia sinensis leaves are steamed. The steam process keeps the EGCG health benefit of green tea from oxidizing. With oolong and black teas, the leaves are fermented instead of being steamed. This causes the EGCG health benefit to transform into another less medicinally potent form.

Aside from medicinal value, green tea can also offer other health benefits, especially in the fitness field. Drinking green tea can cause a person to burn down more calories. A recent study on the health benefits of green tea shows that the drink can help dieters. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1999, men who take both caffeine and green tea burn down more calories than men who only take caffeine or a placebo.

Yet another health benefit of green tea is it destroys bacteria. Drinking green tea can help prevent food poisoning and prevent tooth decay. A substance found in green tea kills the bacteria that causes food poisoning and dental plaque.

Well known for its countless medicinal and health benefits, green tea is nothing short of a miracle.

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