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Reasons Why Junk Food Bad for Health

Reasons Why Junk Food Bad for Health
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Reasons Why Junk Food Bad for Health

The food you eat, of course, is expected to provide nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for the body's growth and prosperity. Unfortunately, not all food is good for health.

The food is not good for health, it may be many know, the fast food or junk food. Most foods that health experts rated "junk" is generally processed foods, which are cooked by frying, contain sugar and high salt.

Is available in fried fast food is generally high in calories. Even a burger that looks like healthy food, contains more than 1,200 calories.

As reported by the Times of India, eating high-calorie foods would increase the risk of obesity, because your body will mengasup high amount of calories. If the calories that are not used properly, of course calories are stored in the body as fat. And, excess fat, is believed to make your body fat.

For those of you who like fast food, you should also know the dangers of these foods for health.

Dishes were contaminated

Although the use of raw materials of vegetables, eat fast food tend to use vegetables contaminated with pesticides. Most dishes are also fried in oil. Of course fried foods reduces mineral and vitamin content. So think twice before eating a dish of fried foods from the store or restaurant. Fried foods will only attack your body's ability to fight disease, thus weakening immunity to the disease in the long run. So, if you are health conscious then fried food is not good for consumption.

High sugar

Refined sugar or refined sugar widely used fast food restaurants as a spice flavor. Sugar, bad for health. Certain nutrients that are important for our bodies get absorbed and reduced with powdered sugar. Refined sugar lowers your immune system and make us susceptible to disease. Some restaurants have fried foods rich in refined sugar.

Refined sugar contains no nutrients and synergistic components. Because the components needed by the body is lost, of course, any body can not efficiently metabolize sugar. This can lead to the formation of toxic metabolites that can interfere with the process of respiration and can damage the cells of our bodies.

Contains hydrogenated fats

The business is a restaurant, usually using hydrogenated fats for frying food. Hydrogenated fats are commonly used for frying food because it is cheap, abundant. When the fat is heated to a high temperature for some time, he had a conversion and a carcinogenic chemical. This means that you are actually eating unhealthy and carcinogenic when eating food fried.

Rich in saturated fat

Mostly fried and junk food high in saturated fat. Eating fried food is bound to increase the risk of heart disease and can lead to heart stroke. You can also suffer from obesity.

Extra calories

Most of the high-calorie fast food. Usually treated with additional chemicals. To increase the shelf life of food, fast food seringpula injected with chemical additives that can lower nutritional quality.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can cause serious health problems because they can stimulate brain cells. As such, they are classified as a neurotoxin by the researchers. Avoid adding artificial sweetener in your coffee, or even in cooking.

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