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What Do You Know About Android Phones?

The cell phone community has been in love with the Android OS since 2007. Since its debut the Android system has gone through many updates and upgrades. Now the Android operating system software is competing quite well against the other OS softwares that are out there. The iPhone and the Blackberry are not the only smart phones on the market anymore. With the Android phones and operating system getting more popular by the minute, we thought we would check out the history of the system and see what we could learn. Here are some factoids we learned about the Android operating system and the phones that use them.

Have you heard that iPhone users are far more likely to pay for applications than people who use Android OS mobile phones? A study done recently has shown that about half of the people who use iPhones will pay for the applications they can’t access for free. This study also shows that only one in five people who use the Android phones will buy applications. This could change as the Android market’s paid app section grows but, for now, Android users are more thrifty than iPhone users. It might seem overly competitive to brag about this, but Android users don’t mind.

Enthuisiasts for the brand make up a large part of the iPhone population. They purchased the iPhone not because of features or functions but because it was created by Apple. The Apple community and fan base is quite large. Consumers of Android OS are not yet as committed to their product. They likely choose phones with low prices and a wide range of technological features they may or may not need or use.

Without a doubt, iPhone users are so loyal to the product brand they will recommend it to others. Some Android users might recommend their phones to others but many are reluctant still.

The Android OS was created to enhance the Open Handset Alliance. The operating system is constantly being updated and advanced by multiple companies. Google may be the largest company in the news right now but that does not mean they are the only one. These companies are spread all over the globe and work with hundreds of different mobile providers. The Android OS is recognized universally as a cellular operating system as a result of these global organizations. Knowledgable users will choose the Android over other OS because of it’s open source abilities.

The Android phones are globally used. If you have a cellular phone already that is not an iPhone or a Blackberry you are probably using the Android OS without even realizing it. The Android OS is more widely used than might think, the only acceptions are the iPhone and Blackberry smartphones.

That is because many providers began implementing the open source Android OS in 2007 after it’s premier. How many times have you changed phones since 2007?

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