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Post Workout Meal Nutrition for Best Results

The recommended post workout meal nutrition plan is to take in a meal of fast acting proteins and carbohdrates. After your workout your body is hungry for the important nutrients needed to make positive body transformation changes.

It’s been shown that a post workout meal or shake consisting of protein and carbs helped to boost training recovery.

Glycogen, a complex carbohydrate stored in muscle and the liver, is rapidly depleted from muscles during intense exercise, whether it’s using high intensity interval training like sprints or intense weight training.

According to Ironman Magazine….
    One study found that doing only three sets of curls resulted in a 60 percent drop in glycogen stored in the biceps.

It’s been determined that by taking in a fast acting whey protein and fast acting carbs as part of a post workout shake or meal you can take advantage of the “anabolic window” after a workout and raising insulin levels to shuttle much needed nutrients to the muscles that are hungry for them.
post workout meal

A fast acting whey protein can boost insulin levels all on their own. Past studies have shown that adding fast acting carbs with the protein boosts insulin by 37 percent more than the protein alone.

So the question becomes, how much do we need to boost insulin levels and so do we need those simple carbs as part of your post workout meal?

Let’s take a look at a recent study (Staples, A.W., et al. (2011). Carbohydrate does nt augment exercise-induced protein accretion versus protein alone. Med Sci Sports Ecer. 43:1154-61.) that tried to answer this question.

This study included nine men with an average age of 23. They performed two workouts per week of single leg leg extensions. Their post workout shake consisted of either 25 grams of whey protein or 25 grams of whey protein and 50 grams of carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin.

While the added carbs boosted insulin there was no difference between the two groups when it came to muscle protein synthesis or muscle protein breakdown. This would point to not needing the post workout carbs but not so fast! There are other factors at play.

If you read my Secret Abs Manifesto about how to lose your belly fat, you know that other hormones such as cortisol play a role in muscle building and fat loss, as well as growth hormone, testosterone and leptin levels, too.

Exercise raises cortisol levels. Cortisol is the body’s most catabolic (breaks down muscle) hormone. It’s necessary but limiting the spike you get from a workout can boost your progress. And the best way to control exercise induced cortisol levels is to take in carbohydrates.

As Ironman Magazine states…
    The best nutrient for controlling cortisol is carbohydrate. If the cortisol remains high after training, it may interfere with testosterone release, which would significantly blunt the anabolic effects of exercise.

You can read more about the role these hormones play in your body transformation results by grabbing a copy of the Secret Abs Manifesto at the end of this article.

As I mentioned previously, intense exercise depletes muscle glycogen stores and they have to be replaced. To Ironman Magazine once again…

    Carbs are the only nutrient that effectively replenishes depleted muscle glycogen stores. Taking carbs and protein after a workout boosts muscle glycogen 2.2-fold over the other nutrient alone.

    The protein and carb combo also lowers free-radical production by 69 percent… and reduces muscle damage by 36 percent…

    An interesting study published a few years ago found still another reason to include carbs in your post workout nutrition drink: Carbs are required for the muscle to produce a localized version of insulinlike growth factor 1… it turns out that without carbs, the muscle won’t produce IGF-1 after training. The implication is that the muscle won’t fully recover without sufficient carb intake to not only synthesize glycogen but also promote local IGF-1 release in the trained muscle.

Between this bit of information and the stud on eating carbs at night, it would seem a great strategy is to get most of your carbs before and after your workout, as well as in the evening, and not necessarily every meal or just early in the day.

And if you workout at night this makes things even simpler for you. Your pre-workout meal and post workout meal or shake can be a great time to get most of your carbs and still see great results (or even better results!)

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