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HTC One, Android Phones With most sophisticated camera technology

Not long ago we reported the presence of the Sony Xperia Z is a star at CES 2013. Now comes yet another Android smartphone from Taiwan: HTC One.

Smartphone which was known as the M7 comes with a unibody aluminum design luxurious and elegant. But charm is not only physically.

It has a size of 4.7 inches, One screen has a resolution of Full HD 1920x1080 pixel density of 468 ppi (pixels per inch). That is either text, pictures, and videos will be shown with very sharp. As the most advanced phone from HTC, One is also concerned with the performance. Quadcore processor speed of 1.7GHz Qualcomm has invested along with 2GB of RAM for best performance.


HTC BlinkFeed

Together with HTC Sense 5, BlinkFeed features change the view on the main screen into a live stream of relevant personal information such as social media updates, entertainment, lifestyle, news and photos with real visual display so you do not need to open a separate application to find out what was occur. Brief looks will be similar like Flipboard app or Live Tiles on Windows 8. HTC provides more than 1400 news sources with more than 10,000 articles per day both locally and globally.

UltraPixel HTC Camera with Zoe

Armed with the f/2.0 lens UltraPixels 4 MP sensor, camera One very promising. HTC seems to sacrifice the amount of MP that can be generated and a "swap" with the amount of data or a light that can be captured. The sensor is able to capture light UltraPixel 300 percent more than other smartphone camera sensor that automatically deliver stunning low-light capability and a variety of improvements in images and video.

Multi-axis optical image stabilization assures smoother video capture, whether at rest or in motion. HTC UltraPixel also features a 360-degree panorama object to the deletion of "interfering" in the photo!

Not only in the rear, front camera also has a wide-angle capability that will capture more objects or the background while you photograph yourself. More than that, you can also record Full HD 1080p video quality.

Sophistication One continues HTC camera with the features of HTC Zoe. HTC One camera will record five photos before you press the shutter button, as well as 15 additional photos after you press the shutter button. With 20 additional photos of the moment, you can create a short animation or choose a better photo. At the time of recording images, HTC Zoe also video recording three seconds. So there is no moment is missed at all, although we were a bit worried about memory capacity will fill up quickly if the feature is enabled.

Footage will also be automatically generated by integrating each moment that combines Zoe, photo and video, accompanied by music with editing, transitions and effects in a professional manner. The video can also be reprocessed or made with different themes, and easily shared through social media, email and other services.

HTC BoomSound

So far we know HTC duet with Beats Audio by Dr.Dre. This time, HTC is introducing a new technology that brings the front stereo speakers with separate amplifier. What is more, the technology is also capable integrated with Beats Audio. Meanwhile, to improve the quality of the call, HTC Sense rely Voice that increases the volume and sound quality in noisy environments.

The operating system uses Android v4.1.2 HTC One Jelly Bean with two internal memory options, 32GB and 64GB, microSD slot, but there is no free quota of 25GB in storage service in the cloud, DropBox, for 2 years.

Launched globally starting next March, we expect One will be priced at  $630. HTC will provide One with the option of black, white and red. Which one suits your taste?


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