Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

35 thousand malware threatens Android devices

More than 35 thousand new malicious programs are detected threaten Android-based devices until the end of 2012, according to Kaspersky Lab's Chief Product Officer., Petr Merkulov.

"The specialist Kaspersky Lab detects more than 35 thousand new malicious programs for Android devices in 2012, this means about six times more than the previous year," he said in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to him, nearly 99 percent of all mobile threats are detected Kaspersky Lab in 2012, is designed to attack Android smartphones and tablets, the user is expected to continue to grow.

In addition to the threat of malware, smart phone and tablet users often lose personal information is important not because of issues related to advanced technology, such as the loss of the device.

"This is why a mobile security solution, but to be able to give protection against malware and other attacks, should also be able to prevent your important data and confidential information from falling into the wrong hands," said Petr Merkulov, that his company offers mobile security software.

He added that most users understand the importance of security software for their personal computers, but usually do not realize that tablets and smart phones are small also need protection from malware and cyber criminals.

"Along with the increasing number of smart phone and tablet users who access bank accounts and shopping online from their smartphones and tablets, cyber criminals now see the mobile malware as an easy way to attack the unprotected and profit from it," he explained.


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