Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Sony CMT-V50IP, iPad Audio Dock with CD Player from Sony

Although it has its own line of music players, Sony apparently did not want to miss potential revenue to be dredged from users of Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod. For some time, they have released three audio devices that support Apple products. One of the newest types is the Sony CMT-V50IP.

Sony CMT-V50IPDock audio is designed to be used with all iOS devices, such as iPad, iPod, and iPhone. This device comes with a magnetic speaker-tech fluids are more energy efficient. Total output noise that can produce reaches 40W, loud enough to fill a bedroom or a room that is not too big. The design itself is fairly minimalist but still stylish so it's pretty cool to be ornament decorating at home.

With technology these speakers, the Sony CMT-V50IP can present with a very slim package complete with a display panel that serves to display the settings. Just like audio dock in general, by plugging your iOS device into the docking iOS device's battery then be charged automatically.

Besides being able to play songs from any mobile phone or iPad, the Sony CMT-V50IP also comes with a CD player and a radio module AM / FM. Other features are there in which this is an audio dock clock, sleep timer that allows you to wake to sleep, and features sound effects and bass boost to enhance the sound performance. Sony CMT-V50IP been available in the market today, with a price tag of $ 200.


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