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The Right Sleep Apnea Mask For You

A sleep apnea mask is an essential part of a CPAP machine. Unfortunately though, there is no one size fits all sleep apnea mask. You may have to look for a sleep apnea mask that will especially fit you.

 Common Issues

Sleep apnea masks are cumbersome to wear. Most of us can probably imagine how uncomfortable it would be to go through the entire night with a cold foreign object strapped to the face and attached to a six feet hose that could tangle all over. Aside from the hose tangling discomfort a sleep apnea mask may also cause facial irritation and strap marks. Your mask may also restrict your movement and may even loosen a bit causing air leaks.

Fit is Important

One crucial aspect about choosing your mask is the fit. The fit will depend on both your facial features and preferences. There are three major kinds of sleep apnea masks. You can pick a nasal mask which will only cover your nose, an oro-nasal mask which will cover both your nose and mouth and an oral mask which will push air only through your mouth.

To prevent air leaks, make sure that the mask fits snugly over the contours and lines of your face such as the nose bridge. Make sure too that the straps can be put on securely.


Buying Online

Most people would want to purchase a sleep apnea mask and machine online for security and privacy reasons. Buying online however may result in having a mask that will not fit you properly. An incorrect mask will most certainly result in even worse sleeplessness due to discomfort or air leaks.

When buying sleep apnea masks online, make sure you have the right specifications first. Ask your doctor for some advice or go scout around in shops and look at different models. Jot down your specifications and check if an online mask will fit your needs.

Special Features

The key is to look for the right online site that has a wide variety of designs and sizes. Some sites may offer personally molded masks that can be molded to the shape of both the nose and the nostrils. A personally molded mask will also allow you to fit the mask according to your mouth and cheek shapes and features.

Aside from personally molded mask, you can also choose a sleep apnea mask that has added features. Masks with padded straps and headgear will limit the discomfort and the marks that straps may leave on your face. There are now straps that will also provide a user with a 360 degree freedom of movement. Detachable parts also come in handy for easy storage and cleaning.

Check for Compatibility

Different machine manufacturers may have different compatibility with different masks. You can easily check for compatibility if you are buying in a store. If you want to buy your mask online, make sure to check for compatibility. Manufacturers will almost always make masks that are compatible only with the kind of machine that they are selling.

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