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Natural Ingredients Helpful for Acne Breakouts

Although there are some good home remedies for acne and curing pimples, keep in mind that just because it's food or natural, doesn't mean everything is appropriate for your skin. Many with acne skin actually need to be careful due to sensitivities.

Lemon juice has been used for many generations as a home remedy for acne. Please don't use this if you've scratched or picked at your skin due to the acidic nature of lemons. However by squeezing a lemon and diluting it a bit in water you can help your skin heal by applying the liquid.

A mask made from an egg is also recommended to help acne skin heal. First you need to beat the egg and then after it's mixed, apply to your skin. Let it dry fully. You will need to use warm water to wash the egg off after it dries. There is a lot of protein in an egg.

A cucumber mask is useful to refine and tone the skin. Some mix it with yogurt or other ingredients, but you can use it alone after you chop and grate it up. The cucumber has healing and refreshing properties. After placing this on your skin , get in bed for 20 minutes and then rinse it off your skin. Feel the tightening and toning it's accomplished.

Many swear by the oatmeal mask as a nice aid for acne skin. You mix this with water and let it become a paste. After that, apply directly on the skin and feel it tighten and draw out the impurities. Rinse it off and look at your new refreshed skin.

Be careful of a few things such as if your bangs are on your forehead and you have oily skin. This can cause breakouts of pimples. Also wash your pillow case and don't keep your hand propping up your face when you sit at a desk at school or work. There is oil in your hands.

Jarvis writes about apple cider vinegar for many health issues and acne is one problem discussed. It is antibacterial and can be used both internally and externally. To use it externally use one part to seven parts of water and then apply to skin with cotton. When you take it internally (also dilute it with water) you will help to raise the ph of your body.

Our culture focuses a lot on the external, so it's easy to feel discouraged when your skin isn't flawless. Learn about your skin and when it tends to break out. Continue to use antibacterial products to help control the problem. You are really the person inside and showing others your generosity, good listening skills and inner talents is what really matters.

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