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Adverse effects Aspirin

Aspirin become one of the plural is used to relieve pain, whether it was a headache and a fever or cardiovascular disorders.

For patients with heart disease for example, aspirin is used to break up blood clots that obstruct blood supply to the heart, making it flow more smoothly. Some skin care experts also give this medicine to overcome the problem of acne.

Not many people know that aspirin can also eliminate dandruff. You do this by mixing some powdered aspirin with shampoo and apply it on the scalp. From the scalp, pengonsumsian miracle drug in low doses was also able to protect the liver damage, especially for alcoholics. Aspirin is also said to ward off the growth of cancer cells and inhibit its spread.

effects AspirinHowever, behind the benefits kesehata above, you should also know about the adverse effects of the use of aspirin as reported by Boldsky the following pages:

Cause seizures
Those who suffer from asthma are not advised to take this drug. Aspirin can exacerbate lung conditions, causing seizures patients.

Some people who take aspirin, can develop allergies. Although these cases are rarely found, you should know the history of allergies to certain drugs.

Eating regular aspirin may cause internal bleeding. For patients with cardiovascular disease, such as heart aspirin is used to thin the blood. But this is not true for those who have blood clotting.

Not for kids
Although its function relieve pain, aspirin can not be consumed by all ages, especially children under the age of 16. These drugs can cause severe inflammation of the liver and brain.

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