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8 Best Smartphone Apps

Remember as soon as Apple assumed with the aim of there’s an app meant for everything? Despite perceptions, they aren’t kidding. If your eyes already glaze completed hundreds of articles with the aim of play a part thousands of skillful and functional apps, remain plow you read one more chance of leisure activity: Weird smartphone apps.

Yes, alongside beneficial programs like how to achieve the bordering chat station or restaurant, how to tell point in time across special point in time zones, and apps with the aim of help you navigate through the winding streets downtown, near are still apps with the aim of progress to you wonder come again? Sort of one-dimensional rogue formed them.

Here’s our collection of the 10 weirdest apps your smartphone can host if you feel like waging war with your sanity:

DEATH APP (Free for iPhone and Android)
Obsessed with the piece of the Grim Reaper? This insanely absurd app lets you track the the majority up to date car accidents and criminal activities contained by the vicinity like murders, theft, and so on. It basically makes you duck the unsafe hotspots. Or if you’re a daredevil, you know somewhere to learn a joy.

Office toil is such a disappointment. Why not take a small break? This app creates a chain of random company noises like fingers typing on keyboards, mouse clicking, and paper rustling. This is to mimic the occupied activities in the company even whilst you’re floppy by the side of your desk, regenerating destroyed cells, taking a power get some shuteye.

HOLD ON (Free for iPhone)
This app lacks every axiological consequence: You a minute ago need to wait down the button designed for as long as you can. It redefines what did you say? “pointless” measures.
During 2008, a ill-advised app was released next to the cost of an exceedingly very high $999.99. And come again? Does it look after? Well, basically nothing. You can fair the app license to your links and pride physically on the luxury to facilitate it cost you.

Do you imagine the melody of flatulence? Don’t be deceived by the word: It’s a area of high pressure peak duration on behalf of fart. A honestly crazy app, iFart the stage 20 assorted fart sounds in assorted farting modes (We didn’t know such sophisticated taxonomy practical to the biological process down south.)

After the therapeutic effects of iFart, here comes another app that will certainly spare you extreme terminal boredom while spending time on the john. The PoopLog comes in handy when the call of nature is at its loudest. If you’ve heard of the theory that says the size and shape of your stool is an indicator of one’s general health, you can now turn the principle into practice with this app, of course!
Compare your waste to the illustrations on your Android phone. Although possessing some medical use, the weirdness lies in the “share” feature, where you can tweet or post your excremental revelations mimosa-like for the world. 

iFRENCH KISS (Free for iPhones)
If you’re continually bothered not far off from your kissing abilities, after that iFrench Kiss is the nearly everyone well-situated app to prove- or disprove- your instinct. Euphemistically called a “proprietary kissing analysis engine,” the app measures your pucker powers. Just don’t give permission everybody find out you having a smooching session with your iPhone, lest the citizens pull ugly conclusions not far off from you.

These are the winners of the weirdest smartphone apps. Download them and give permission your weird piece contract the superlative of you!

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